La Z Boy Recliner Black Leather, Fridge / Phone / Massage / Heat in Marina Boulevard, Central Singapore for sale

La Z Boy Recliner Black Leather, Fridge / Phone /

This is the la Z boy Cool Chair, a Great chair for relaxing, watching films, gaming, Home Cinema.
Store your refreshments cold in one arm, and your controllers in the other.
Lots of massage options.
As seen on friends, purchased by Joey for Chandlers place, ultimate chair.
Comes apart for easy transportation.
Great Condition.
Any questions please ask.
Cost $3,000 new, Only for sale due to leaving Singapore, feel free to make an offer.
Manufacturer info:
You work your butt off all day long, and how do you reward it? By punishing yourself even more when you get home!
Think about it... you sit on a seat that gives you lumbago, and then you have to walk all the way to the fridge in the kitchen every time you want to grab a beer! And where’s the Swedish masseuse when you need her? Gone shopping again, no doubt
Really, mate... you deserve a lot better. You deserve a Cool La-Z-Boy Chair.
The Cool La-Z-Boy Chair is the modern day equivalent of a king’s throne. Beautifully hand-crafted, it is more comfy than the bosom of a Scandinavian princess, but it’s also packed with an incredible range of hi-tech features:
Lift up the arm and you’ll find a built-in fridge that will keep up to six cans of your favourite drink cold for hours with a cup holder situated on the lid. Internal Dimensions: L 360mm W 145mm D 230mm
And then there’s the pièce de résistance ... a six motor massage system built into the body of the chair! Just pick up the handset, adjust the settings to your personal preferences and let the chair massage your stress away. There’s even a built-in lumbar heating system to ensure that you never get chilly!
This is as good as chairs can ever get, so don’t make yourself suffer for a moment longer. Raise your standards, show yourself some due respect and get yourself a Cool La-Z-Boy Chair. Because you’re worth it.
Chair Dimensions: H 1150mm W 1040mm D 850mm
Seat Dimensions: H 500mm W 530mm D 540mm